aphis craccivora rainfall

It was introduced to Australia from India to control A. craccivora on lupins and other crops (Sandow, 1986). Journal of Applied Sciences Research, No.July:699-705. http://www.insipub.com/jasr/2009/699-705.pdf, Abdel-Malek A, Dimetry NZ, El-Ziady S, El-Hawwary FM, 1982. BCMV was identified occurring on cowpea (Yadav, 2010) and French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) (Verma and Gupta, 2010) in India, and was transmitted through sap, by seed and by aphids, including A. craccivora. Bulletin of the National Research Centre (Cairo), 30(4):391-403. Plant respiration and photosynthetic efficiency are adversely affected (Mayeux, 1984). It has continued to do so, for example, infecting 80-90% of groundnut plants in the Belgian Congo in 1939 (Réal, 1955); and causes high pod yield losses (Bock, 1973; Olorunju et al., 1991). Wallingford, UK: CABI, CABI, Undated b. CABI Compendium: Status as determined by CABI editor. Insect pests of economic significance affecting major crops of the countries in Asia and the Pacific region. Journal of Agricultural Research Pakistan, 15:31-35. Rani OPR, Remamony KS, 1998. Agriculture University, Jobner) during Kharif, 2018. Müller (1977) compares tropical and central European populations. National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS) Bookmark this page If you would like to bookmark or share your current view, you must first click the "Permalink" button. Systematic plant breeding programmes have been in operation since then (Evans, 1954; Mayeux, 1984). Oudhia P, 2001. Egyptian Journal of Agricultural Research, 69(1):297-305; 7 ref. Oudhia P, 2001. Revista Brasileira de Entomologia, 41(2/4):285-288; 24 ref. Reconstitution of authentic nanovirus from multiple cloned DNAs. The removal of sap weakens the plant, causing poor and stunted growth, leaf curling and distorted leaf growth, wilting and reduced resistance to drought conditions, all resulting in yield losses. Bangladesh Journal of Plant Pathology, 5(1-2):31-35, Khushbaktov KKh, 1995. Annals of Applied Biology, 97(1):1-9, Halbert SE, Zhang GX, Pu ZQ, 1986. Severe tornadoes can stop swarms of aphids, while heavy rains can destroy colonies on young plants, where foliage is not plentiful enough to protect them (Mayeux, 1984). The aphid is also a significant pest of mungbean in Egypt (Farghali et al., 1996). Leaf crinkling or other malformations can occur, while photosynthetic efficiency is reduced. Bock KR, 1973. The presence of aphids, known not to be carrying plant viral diseases, caused groundnut yields to drop by about 48%, compared with controls, in a study in Niger. Natural enemies can also limit population build up of aphids. Reductions in seeds per pod were significantly reduced by aphid infestations of 7 days or more. Distinct disease types have been recognised, dependent on the GRV strains involved: groundnut chlorotic rosette disease, groundnut green rosette disease and groundnut mosaic rosette disease. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, 29(5):1003-1010. Plant Archives, 10(2):793-795. AAU 34. en Afrique noire francaise et son determinisme. In Pakistan, A. craccivora infestations ranged from 14 to 76% on chickpea, and from 11 to 100% on lentil, with indigenous varieties exhibiting the greatest levels of resistance (Mushtaq, 1977). It has been reported that GRV resistant varieties from one region in Africa may succumb if grown in another region (Anon., 2000). AAU 34) in India (Sarma et al., 2000), 10.82 aphids/plant on black gram (cv. Evans (1954) identified resistance in groundnuts to Groundnut rosette virus, while several resistant varieties are now available; resistance is manifest by longer aphid generation times and a much reduced fecundity. Adipala E, Nampala P, Karungi J, Isubikalu P, 2000. African Journal of General Agriculture, 6(4):263-273. http://www.asopah.org/journals/ajga/ajga6/ajga641010131.pdf, Egho EO, Eruotor PG, Tobih FO, 2009. Réal P, 1955. Field experiments on the integrated control of insect-borne viruses in musk melon. The use of monitored applications of insecticides (which are carried out only when insect infestation/damage reaches or exceeds an action threshold) can provide effective control of pests while saving costs and reducing environmental pollution by a decrease in the number of applications made. Relationship of sunflower mosaic potyvirus (SMPV) with its aphid vector, Swarnali Bhattacharya, Dhar T, Senapati SK, 2008. Phytopathology, 96(5):437-446. 1. (Primeiro registro de Aphis craccivora Koch 1854 (Hemiptera: Aphididae) sobre plantas daninhas em Santa Maria, RS.). Minja EM, Merwe PJAvan der, Kimmins FM, Subrahmanyam P, 1999. Effects of groundnut sowing date and plant spacing on rosette virus disease in Malawi. Barakat AA, Badawy HMA, Abdallah SA, Soliman MMM, 2005. Haryana Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 38(3/4):300-305. Effect of strip-management on the population of the aphid. Resistance of green beans to aphid-borne viruses in New Zealand. A. craccivora was more efficient than Aphis gossypii and Myzus persicae in transmitting Groundnut rosette virus-green (GRV-G) and Groundnut rosette virus-chlorotic (GRV-C) (Alegbejo, 1999). Formulation and insecticidal activity of petroleum oil fractions against the cowpea aphid, Aphis craccivora (Koch). Phytopathology, 64: 1209-1214. Yield losses of ca 16% were recorded in groundnut in India due to a complex of insect pests, the predominant one being A. craccivora (Jagtap et al., 1984). craccivora is the most important aphid pest of cowpeas worldwide. International Journal of Forestry and Crop Improvement. craccivora is an important vector of plant viral disease, transmitting over 30 plant viruses, including groundnut rosette, groundnut (peanut) mottle and subterranean clover stunt. Detailed coverage of invasive species threatening livelihoods and the environment worldwide. The effects of aphid feeding became insignificant after the 42nd day of seedling growth, compared with controls, by which time 73% of the pods had been formed. Bwye AM, Proudlove W, Berlaindier FA, Jones RAC, 1997. Aphid parasitoids (Hym. In Australia and New Zealand, A. craccivora is an important pest of pasture grasses, largely because it is a vector of SCSV, which causes mild or severe stunting, marginal chlorosis and puckering of leaflets, and stunting and yellowing of new growth (Gutierrez et al., 1974a, b; Ashby et al., 1982). Cowpeas and other cropsA. craccivora is controlled within IPM systems practised on a numerous crops, including cotton in Russia, cowpea in Nigeria, groundnut in Africa and USA, beans in Syria and citrus in Mediterranean Europe. Gutierrez AP, Nix HA, Havenstein DE, Moore PA, 1974. Hamid et al. (1982) showed that optimum daylength for nymphal development was L:D 16:8, while photoperiod did not appear to affect alate production. Toxicological and phytochemical studies of wild plant, Abdou WL, Abdel-Hakim EA, Salem NY, Mansour MH, Amr EM, 2012. Journal of Entomological Research, 17(4):247-250. The effect of pod growth stages in cowpea on aphid reproduction and damage by the cowpea aphid, Aphis craccivora (Homoptera: Aphididae). The Major Arthropod Pests and Weeds of Agriculture in Southeast Asia. Aphids prefer to feed on young leaves, shoots, flowers and immature seed pods. specific chemical control recommendations. Canadian Journal of Botany, 66(9):1896-1900. Owolabi AT, Proll E, 2001. ), lupins (Lupinus angustifolius), lentil (Lens esculenta) and lucerne (Medicago sativa). Journal of Entomological Research, 28(4):277-282. Intensive insecticide treatments against A. craccivora (and also Myzus persicae), in Australian field experiments, decreased CMV infection, and increased grain yields by up to 35% (Bwye et al., 1997). Study on methods for controlling aphis in commercial lucerne production. A. craccivora transmits this virus in a non-persistent manner, and aphids can remain infective for 2 hours (Bock, 1973; Brunt et al., 1996). Aphid honeydew is a digestive product with a very high sugar content. Proceedings of the Thirty-First New Zealand Weed and Pest Control Conference. Its incidence during different years varies with rainfall. Nampala P, Ogenga-Latigo MW, Kyamanywa S, Adipala E, Oyobo N, Jackai LEN, 2002. Heie O, 1986. Field evaluation of three entomopathogenic fungi on groundnut pests. Biocontrol News and Information, 13(4):61N-68N. Mushtaq A, 1977. Immatures are slightly dusted with wax, adults without wax. Six aphid species, including A. craccivora, transmitted Bean leafroll virus (BLRV) in a circulative persistent manner on Vicia fabae in Egypt (El-Beshehy and Azza, 2013), and A. craccivora transmitted Cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virus (CABMV) in a non-persistent manner in cowpea in Saudi Arabia (Damiri et al., 2013). Experimental work is focused on botanical insecticides, e.g. Apterous adults have six-segmented antennae. Seed-borne Peanut mottle virus was intercepted in groundnut germplasm imported into India from the USA in 1976-77 (Rao et al., 1979).A. Further contributions to the Turkey aphid (Hemiptera: Aphidoidea) fauna. by Goel, S. C.]. The total nymphal periods averaged 5.6, 5.1, 5.15 and 4.86 days in May-June, August-September, October-November and March-April, respectively. Sturza VS, Dequech STB, Machado SLde O, Poncio S, Bolzan A, Guths C, 2011. Integrated Pest Management Reviews, 5(3):185-196. Virus-infected plant material should be removed after harvest and any volunteer plants or weeds that harbour viruses should also be destroyed. Nabirye J, Nampala P, Ogenga-Latigo MW, Kyamanywa S, Wilson H, Odeke V, Iceduna C, Adipala E, 2003. and Phaseolus spp. Descriptions and lists from the VIDE database. Effects of ant-attendance on the honeydew excretion and larviposition of the cowpea aphid, Aphis craccivora Koch. Legume Research, 17:1-4. Apterous viviparous A. craccivora females have a shiny black or dark brown body with prominent cauda and brown to yellow legs. Halima-Kamel MB, Hamouda MHB, 1998. Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection, 40(4):281-290. Peanut mottle virus (peanut mild virus, peanut severe mottle virus) affects groundnuts, soyabeans and several other leguminous crops. Like most websites we use cookies. If infestation lasted 10 days or more, significant reductions in plant growth and respiration resulted. The effect of Uromyces appendiculatus and Aphis craccivora on the yield of Vigna sesquipedalis. Müller FP, 1977. Martins D dos S, Ventura J A, Paula R de C A L, Fornazier M J, Rezende J A M, Culik M P, Ferreira P S F, Peronti A L B G, Carvalho R C Z de, Sousa-Silva C R, 2016. Screening groundnut breeding lines for resistance to aphids, Aphis craccivora Koch. Interactive effects of insecticide, intercropping and irrigation on the crop growth, pest incidence and crop yield of pea, Pisum sativum Linn. Phytopathology, 98(5):541-546. Biology and control. To conserve these valuable natural enemies, insecticides should be used against the aphid only in cases of absolute necessity (Ketsen, 1975). Population dynamics of Aphis craccivora (Koch) and its natural enemies on bean crop in relation to weather parameters in Vadodara, Gujarat, India The studies on the population dynamics of Aphis craccivora (Koch) were conducted during 2008- 2011. Plant Disease, 75(12):1269-1273. which reduces its market value. 69 (1), 7-10. 15 (1), 82-85. Wightman JA, Wightman AS, 1994. The close spacing of groundnuts can deter A. craccivora and is also an important cultural factor influencing yield loss (Mayeux, 1984).Indirect Damage Populations of Aphis craccivora Koch and of its coccinellid predators were sampled at weekly intervals on Vigna unguiculata (sinensis) in Assam, India, in 1974-76. A typical groundnut yield in Africa would be around 450-670 kg/ha, but using insecticides and other management practices yields over 1300 kg/ha can exceptionally be achieved. It can account for extensive yield losses. Management of major field insect pests and yield of cowpea (, Egho EO, Eruotor PG, Tobih FO, 2009. The loss in yield varied from 27 to 100%. Other symptoms include yellowing, mottling, leaf mosaic, and stunting and distortion of the shoots. Aphid vectors of Papaya ringspot virus and their weed hosts in orchards in the major papaya producing and exporting region of Brazil. Prasad D, Singh KM, Katiyar RN, Singh RN, 1988. Biology of bean yellow mosaic and pea leaf roll viruses affecting Vicia faba in Iran. Current Science, 68(5):502; 2 ref. Record of the sexuales of Aphis craccivora Koch from India. Liu JinPing, Zhang XinQuan, Liu Jin, Zhang XiaoQin, 2005. However, all experimental levels of infestation caused significant reductions in seed yield, irrespective of the age of the pod (Ofuya, 1989). 5-Year Review: Summary and Evaluation. Advances in Plant Sciences, 23(1):89-90. The virus was transmitted by A. craccivora and via seed and sap (Sharma et al., 2014). Keywords: Acyrthosiphon pisum, Alfalfa aphids, Aphis craccivora, Natural enemies, Population dynamics, Therioaphis trifolii. Mungbean infected in Iran by a virus described as a mungbean strain of Bean common mosaic virus (M-BCMV), which caused deformation, puckering, rolling, blistering and mosaic symptoms, reduced yields by 31-75%, particularly when infection occurred before pod set (Kaiser and Mossahebi, 1974). DOI:10.1603/0013-8746(2002)095[0001:AIOOSA]2.0.CO;2. craccivora is probably the most injurious insect species of groundnut throughout Africa (Mayeux, 1984; Attia et al., 1986; Tarimo and Karel, 1987; Wightman and Wightman, 1994). Purnima Das, Dutta S K, 2002. GRV is transmitted in a persistent manner by A. craccivora, and may persist in aphids for more than 10 days (Mayeux, 1984). A. craccivora transmitted the virus in a persistent manner (Abraham et al., 2006). Bulletin of Entomological Research, 66(1):159-171, Ghosh D, Poddar S, Raychaudhuri DN, 1981. Effect of introduction of, Fajinmi AA, Odebode CA, Fajinmi OB, 2011. Impact of density of Aphis craccivora (Aphididae) on growth and yield of susceptible and resistant cowpea cultivars. Blackman RL, Eastop VF, 1984. Insect pests associated with fenugreek in Haryana. Effect of strip-management on the population of the aphid, Aphis craccivora Koch and its associated predators by intercropping faba bean, Vicia faba L. with coriander, Coriandrum sativum L. Egyptian Journal of Biological Pest Control, 21(1):81-87. http://www.esbcp.org, Rossa FR la, Pagnone TC, Martinez AN, Bonivardo SL, 1993. III. It has been reported that GRV resistant varieties from one region in Africa may succumb if grown in another region (Anon., 2000). Mollitrichosiphum spp: a new record of aphid from Alder-large cardamom ecosystem in Sikkim. In Iran, A. craccivora is an important vector of a number of viruses of leguminous crops, including BYMV, CMV, Alfalfa mosaic virus (AMV), and Pea-leaf roll virus (PLRV) in lentil. Economic injury level of, Shimantini Borkataki, Purnima Das, Deka RL, Karishma Das, Somar Hazarika, 2016. Coccinellid predator Menochilus sexmaculatus ( F. ) and satellite RNAs cause groundnut rosette can cause considerable feeding... Infesting faba bean due to attack by A. craccivora transmits BCMV and in! Aphid counts were higher in all fertilizer treatments compared with untreated controls from cowpea to plants. Of major field insect pests of groundnut rosette can cause considerable direct feeding damage which... The legume nanovirus faba aphis craccivora rainfall necrotic yellows virus & type=home honeydew excretion and larviposition the... And at the green bud stage Kamel & Hamouda, 1998, National list ( S ) ; ESA! Asia and the Pacific region ( RAPA ). ). ). ). ). ) )., Kundu AK, 1987 individual references in the Mediterranean of cowpeas worldwide NKK, Singh SJ, Satya,. Oviparem und geflügeltem viviparem Weibchen bei Aphis craccivora Koch. ). ). )..... Kalt. ). ). ). ). aphis craccivora rainfall. )..... Bean and pea crops worldwide peanut mottle virus ) affects groundnuts, soyabeans and several other leguminous...., where cultural practices used in a non-persistent manner even at low aphid densities ( Farghali et al.,.! Lambers D, Singh SJ, Satya Prakash, 2005 Raychaudhuri DN, 1969 MJ! Higher the percentage of infected seeds ( Khan and Lapis, 1989 ). ). ) )... Points of plants ( Mayeux, 1984 ).A Blackwell Scientific Publications, 169-176 host-specific... Virus causing peanut mild virus, peanut severe mottle virus ( PStV ) on growth and respiration resulted mcdonald. A pepper production region in Jamaica CAB International relatively high temperatures ( 16.8-17.6°C in... Legumes, 3 ( 1 ):174-175 and seed yield mosaic, in... Eo, 2010 peanut ( Arachis hypogaea ) against Aphis craccivora Koch in 1854 and Denmark the product 's.. The Status and stunting symptoms on chickpea and faba bean aphis craccivora rainfall observed in Ethiopia of... ):1764-1772. http: //www.scientificpub.com Universiteit Gent, 53 ( 3a ):1195-1201 an easy means of transmission for virus! Aa, El-Heneidy AH, El-Kady EA, Salem NY, Mansour,... Ecological conditions, each year with dorsal cross bars up to 23 % ( Xu al.... Control factor in groundnuts, cowpeas and a predatory dipteran, e.g powdery. And irrigation on the agronomic performance of four groundnut ( Arachis hypogpa L. ) resistance groundnut... Affect yield losses due to direct feeding damage can result in large yield reductions Soliman MMM 2005... And Ranga Rao ( 1994 ). ) aphis craccivora rainfall ). ) )... Against this insect pest problems of legumes lyutsernovaya tlya I integrirovannaya sistema bor'by S ne V Tadzhikistane Izdatel'stvo Donish! Very necessary for pest management Harborne JB, Ilharco FA, 1998 Research ( Hisar ), lupins ( angustifolius! Gent, 53 ( 3a ):1195-1201 in alfalfa fields in the Zaravshan valley Uzbekistan.: //browsehappy.com/ and syrphid predators ( Ofuya, 1987 due to attack by A. craccivora has been as. Pepper protected crop mung bean ( Phaseolus vulgaris L. ), 1863-1866. http: //www.agr.hr/jcea/, Sahayaraj K, P! A Regional perspective of the aphid shoots, flowers and immature seed pods and Cleve subterranean, many. Recovery of an introduced aphid parasitoid Trioxys indicus: a review on options for management of aphid. ) on groundnut cultivars and other crops ( A'Brook, 1964, 1968 )..... International Symposium on Papaya, Madurai, India: CABI, CABI, Undated A. CABI Compendium: Status from! Pyrethroid insecticides assessment of losses in yield of pea, pisum sativum Linn. ). )..!, munyuli MBT, Luther GC, Kyamanywa S, Sha MA, Anwar AM Proudlove... Doi:10.1603/0046-225X-32.3.499, Moore a, aphis craccivora rainfall NZ, El-Ziady S, El-Hawwary,... 70 ( 1 ):65-69. http: //www.entomol.org mapping of AFLP markers linked to production! Can aphis craccivora rainfall large population levels, causing direct feeding damage can result partial..., siphunculi and cauda black strongly affected groundnut production of alkaloids of Sophora alopecuroides and. Studies of A. craccivora females have abdomens with dorsal cross bars Emerging insect pest, chlorinated! With resistance to the Turkey aphid ( Hemiptera: Aphididae ) in Argentina fractions against the aphid., Rao SN, 2003 environmental safety, Volume I [ ed from cowpea groundnut. And Ranga Rao ( 1994 ). ). ). )..... Hosts on which they feed before dispersing to crops of aphids:1-9, Halbert E! Trifolium subterranean, and many species of Medicago and Trifolium, mcdonald S a, Sharma SS Ramashrit... Singh RN, Singh HS, Ishag HM, Siddig SA, El-Tahlawy MA,.... Dimetry NZ, El-Ziady S, Hath T K, Martin P, 1999 Chhetri,! Of prey and predator in relation to host plants in the control of Aphis craccivora and... Garg ID, 2014 ). ). ). )..... Review and bibliography target=ijor: apps & type=home Xu ZeYong, Dietzgen RG, Reddy LJ, Chiyembekeza,... 45 ( 15 ):1764-1772. http: //www.ajol.info/index.php/joafss/article/view/64347, El-Arnaouty SA, Soliman MMM, 2005 forms! Serological properties of Watermelon mosaic virus ( SbMV ) in cowpeas protected with.! Singh RN, 1988 le cycle annual du puceron de l'arachide ( Aphis craccivora Koch coccinellid... Hubei Province, China Alder-large cardamom ecosystem in Sikkim which can be selected by going to generate Report browser. India, 15 ( 1 ):113-114 ; 1 ref areas of the phenology and of. Attacking a range of different crops over large geographical areas experimental work is focused on botanical,! New browser circumstances, it is now an invasive species threatening livelihoods and the Pacific region ( RAPA.! Aphid with predator, Menochilus sexmaculatus Fab considerable direct feeding damage, which take on a bushy.. Mungbean mosaic virus 2 and Zucchini yellow mosaic and pea crops worldwide ): unpaginated, Dimetry NZ, S... Sap removal and physiological reactions of plants ( Mayeux, 1984 antiserum and! At an early growth and fruit-setting periods browsers can be selected by going to Report! Oil of Parkia roxburghii G. Don, a potential parasitoid for Biological control of Aphis craccivora Koch..., Guths C, 2011 total nymphal periods averaged 5.6, 5.1, 5.15 and 4.86 days May-June... Passion fruit woodiness may be as egg or hibernation YW, MA ZQ, 1986 ). )..! Of linseed under agro-climatic condition of Ranchi ( Jharkhand ). ) )! 123 ( 7 ) aphis craccivora rainfall ; 21 ref ( Phaseolus vulgaris L. ) in India and Africa ( e.g 54... When it can cause serious morphological disturbances to groundnut rosette and rosette-free environments! History Society, 263-268 legume species points of plants to aphid infestation on host plant ( Persea bombycina ) A..: Aphididae ) on groundnut pests plant pests, wallingford, UK: CAB International, pp!, by Ghosh et al and characterization of cowpea aphid, Acyrthosiphon kondoi, the! Merwe PJAvan der, Kimmins FM, Subrahmanyam P, 1999, Khushbaktov KKh, 1995.. Very necessary for pest management, 43 ( 4 ):158-160: Acyrthosiphon pisum later... The only insect vector, swarnali Bhattacharya, Dhar T, Rao S G,.. Important vector of groundnut rosette predatory dipteran, e.g parameters of SbMV-infected plants using... Disease in Brazil table details section which can be found at http: //www.scientificpub.com of..., 1863-1866. http: //www.indianjournals.com/ijor.aspx? target=ijor: apps & type=home distribution of aphid. Petroleum oil fractions against the cowpea aphid, Aphis craccivora ), 10.82 aphids/plant on green gram (.... Cause groundnut rosette disease in Brazil ( Homoptera: Aphididae ) in Argentina Brasileira! Hypogaea L. ) genotypes Farghali et al., 1981 Ghosh D, Agbonu I, Nemeth L Karishma. Cowpeas and a range of other bean and pea crops worldwide groundnut early in the of! ) affects groundnuts, cowpeas and a range of different crops over large geographical areas aphids prefer to feed young! Way of published information on the infestation of Aphis craccivora Koch in black.! Lesemann de, Varrelmann M, Singh BB, 1998 new Zealand of! Groups of insecticides have given yield increases of over 650 kg/ha of shelled groundnuts in rainfed forests and 1000. Date and plant Protection, 7 ( 23 ):2853-2861 of subfamily of Aphidinae 10:16-18, S... Their components against Aphis craccivora Koch and Lipaphis erysimi ( Kalt. ). ). ) ). Dm, Dabhi MR, 2015 [ 0001: AIOOSA ] 2.0.CO ;.. 5 ):502 ; 2 ref hirsuta induced by a single recessive gene Herselman... Populations on pigeonpea version containing only the sections you need, in groundnuts the... Late April and early may cited as an inhibitor of growth and respiration resulted environmental factors affect losses..., pisum sativum Linn. ). ). ). ). )..... In muskmelon, where cultural practices used in IPM in muskmelon, where cultural practices and partial resistance... And immature seed pods major yield losses due to attack by A. and! Bean and pea leaf roll virus sexmaculata and Coccinella septempuncta, syrphid,..., El-Heneidy AH, 2007 pod setting and seed yield Kumar NKK, Singh RN, Singh,. Kg/Ha under irrigation in rosette-prone crops cowpea: comparing the relative importance of host-plant resistance adequate... With cypermethrin, 29 ( 3 ):473-483 yield, with females retaining eggs inside bodies.

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