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We also promote a prayer for singles and for new families. We created the prayer on the basis of the words of one of our Patron Saints – St John Paul II. See the description below to find out more about what we do 🙂


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“God did not create us to live in sorrow or to be alone. He made men and women for happiness, to share their journey with someone who complements them, to live the wondrous experience of love: to love and to be loved, and to see their love bear fruit in children. (…) This is God’s dream for his beloved creation: to see it fulfilled in the loving union between a man and a woman, rejoicing in their shared journey, fruitful in their mutual gift of self.”

Pope Francis in the homily opening the synod of bishops on the family


Prayer for New Families is one of the prayer intentions proposed for the Days in Dioceses and the World Youth Day in Kraków.

In the light of the words of Pope Francis and in the face of the contemporary crisis of the value of family, let us pray for all unmarried persons for their wisdom when choosing the way of life and fruitful realization of the vocation to love. Through the intercession of saint John Paul II, the patron of family, let us ask merciful God, the donor of Love, for courage and maturity in building new and happy Christian families and communities.

A regular prayer for this intention may become one of the lasting fruits of the WYD.


– Most WYD participants are unmarried persons aged 18-35.

– A “civilisation of solitude” is a sign of our times, resulting from postmodernism and the culture of rejection. Across the European Union, single persons living alone already constitute the largest group of all households (32.7%, Eurostat 2014/2015).

– The initiative will allow to draw attention to a large number of single adults who have not been included in the main scope of pastoral care so far.

– The Church celebrates a week of prayer for vocations to priesthood and consecrated life. There is a need of introducing a regular prayer for new families, supporting realization of the fundamental vocation of every human being.

– The good of the family to is one of the Church priorities, reflected among others in the synod of bishops. The fruits of the marriage sacrament depend on its origins dating back not only to the formation of engaged couples or the experiences related to growing up in a family, but also – to a large extent – to conscious development at the time of being single and taking mature decisions.

  • The initiatives and dialogue accompanying the prayer for new families support building the “culture of encounter” promoted by pope Francis.

The initiative was born in the pastoral ministries for unmarried adults in Warsaw, which since 2015 have been organising regular retreats for singles, the Advent Week of Prayer for New Families and many other undertakings that enjoy great popularity. In 2015 an invitation to participate in common prayers for new families was accepted, i. a, by Bp. Rafał Markowski and apostolic nuncio Archbp. Celestino Migliore.