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Bath and shower chairs can provide a means for independent bathing. Purchased for my elderly father in law. The TubcuT® was born out of a recognition of the importance of enabling people to stay at home and live independently for as long as possible. The TubcuT® is installed 4″ above the floor allowing for easier access to your tub; much like a walk-in shower.. It is custom created at your house to ensure a seamless look. Then the tub is refinished with a material to seal up the exposed cut out. The KOHLER K-715-0 Villager Bath with left hand drain is an awesome bathtub fit for the elderly and is most ideal for Senior Citizens.. The 24” wide by 9” deep tub cut converts your existing tub into a shower making it safer to step through instead of over the side of the tub. Imperial Bathrooms is the exclusive distributor of all four unique CleanCut tub accessibility products in Canada. Ideal bath tub seat for elderly seniors, disabled, handicapped or post-surgical Tool free design: Easy install assembly with detailed instructions. Need a CleanCut tub cutout conversion kit installed? The TubcuT® threshold is 4” above the floor giving you easier, safer access to your tub, unlike the one piece insert. Additionally, the process is reversible if the cut out is saved. How about not taking out the beloved tub, but installing a shower in addition to the tub. A simple process of converting a standard bathtub into a walk in shower, by cutting out the front section of the bathtub. GRAB-IT Bathrooms offers professional bath tub cut out and Grab Bar installations for seniors throughout Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton and surrounding areas in Ontario, Canada. Also had bracing to contend with in wall of tub. We take an existing tub and cut out a portion of it to convert it into a standalone shower. Tub Way is an adaptive tub conversion. It features a unique hygienic cut out that makes staying clean easier than many other chairs. The TubcuT® is a custom adaptation that transforms your standard tub into a walk-in shower. If so, you’ve come to the right place. People with disabilities can count on the bench and it will offer them the best experience as they take a shower. That’s where this list of the best non-slip bath mats for elderly people comes in. This remodeling service makes it easier for elderly, handicapped, or disabled persons to step into the tub/shower. It allows easy access to the groin area for good hygiene of those body parts too. Each year, 3 million older people are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries. The TubcuT is also reversible. Showering and bathing can become incredibly difficult when you lose mobility, or you need extra assistance around the home. Senior Safety Pro can build any type of conversion, from a simple budget tub cut to a traditional tub cut, shower in remodel. Worked great. The Fairmount. 13. Free standing tub shower transfer bench does not require any permanent mounting hardware. Our bath to shower conversion kit is the perfect solution for seniors aging in place in houses, apartments, mobile homes, park models, manufactured homes, or … Even if the bathroom is too small to accommodate one, there are lots of options with this. This is the least expensive and quickest way to solve the problem of getting into and out of your tub. There is a solution to this problem that is very affordable it is called a “Bathtub Cut Out.” With the TubcuT® Kit, you can convert a tub into a shower, making it far easier to get in and out. The use of full-body support assures you great performance. Not the easiest tub to do. Best of all, you can stay seated. For those with limited mobility stepping into a regular bathtub is a challenge due to the height of the front facia of the bathtub. Convenient Shower Tubs For The Elderly. ... Bath Stools for the Elderly. With a traditional inward-swinging door, the Fairmount is our more economical choice among walk-in tubs. A notch cut tub involves cutting a hole in the wall of an existing bathtub, making it easy for seniors to step into the tub and shower. Bathtub conversion can change a steel, porcelain, fiberglass or acrylic bathtub into a shower for a fraction of the cost of installing a new walk-in shower. One of the most affordable solutions, tub cut out conversions allow elderly & handicapped individuals walk-in access to their existing tub & shower. Watched the video and read the instructions. The TubcuT® is the only tub-to-shower conversion that can be REVERSED! Having a cut out step installed in your existing tub is a very affordable way to convert a regular bathtub into a safe walk in shower. I used a oscillating cutting tool instead of recip saw. If you or your elderly parents are suffering from reduced mobility, using a bathtub can be very dangerous due to the high step to get in. For this reason entering a bathtub can be dangerous for the elderly, handicapped and disabled. Convert almost any existing bathtub in just a few hours! Step features non-skid step pad for step-in shower accessibility. Typically, tub cut-out service takes approximately four to five hours, which is a relatively short disruption time for your family. After the tub deck section is cut out and removed; the sides and bottom of the tub rail are rebuilt , reinforced and sprayed with a color matched coating to seamlessly blend into the existing bathtub. Had to go to one end and lots of stuff to carve around on the outside wall. Tub Cut-Outs. Or are you looking to simply purchase a DIY bathtub cutout kit? Believe me it was the bottom of the rung cheap … It is the ONLY tub to shower conversion that can be REVERSED! My mother had one off her laundry room. We’ll do the walk-in tub conversion on porcelain, steel, fiberglass acrylic, cast iron, and cultured marble bathtubs. Kit Includes one Convertible Unit with Water-Tight Plug, one set of Quick-Turn Rosette Knobs, two sets of Decorative Caps, one 2-part Support Structure, two cartridges of Industrial Grade Adhesive with Application Nozzle, one Waterproof Wrap, one Cutting Template, and Written Installation Guide. The supplier will custom cut an opening in the tub wall to create easier step - through access into the tub. Bathroom products for the elderly are an easy way to improve home safety for the elderly. Our tub to shower conversions are affordable, durable, and can be installed in 3 to 4 hours without disturbing the plumbing, walls or floor. Having gone through the senior years with family members, we soon learned that falls were the leading cause of death, injury and hospital admissions among the elderly population. The threshold is only 4″ above the floor, giving you easier, safer access to your tub and a simple shower curtain is all that is needed to keep the water in. It is an all-access shower transfer bench you can get. It converts the tub into an accessible shower. The TubcuT® is backed by a lifetime warranty. The Best Non-Slip Bathtub and Shower Mats for the Elderly This cut-out in the seat is incredibly practical though because it makes a thorough cleaning easier. ... Bathtub and shower transfer benches help seniors and the elderly get in and out of the tub more safely. Kit Comes Complete with one Step, one 2-part Support Structure, two cartridges of Industrial Grade Adhesive with Application Nozzle, one Cutting Template, and Installation Guide. The step-thru access can be any size depending on the customers’ need, allowing the elderly and handicapped to bathe with dignity. Though made of cast iron, we found this tub perfect for the average sized Senior or the elderly person who may not want a bath that provides full body immersion. Save the cut-out section of the tub and we can restore your tub to its original condition. Tub Cut Outs. The blend in version of our handicap accessible tub cut procedure is the most natural looking tub to shower conversion option we offer. Convert Your Tub To Shower For Seniors Save the cut out section and we can restore your tub to its original condition. With a bathtub cut out, a regular bathtub can be converted into a walk-in shower that makes it much easier for handicapped and elderly homeowners to step in and out. The hole is then modified to blend into the rest of the tub to make it look as if the tub was manufactured with the cutout portion. Falls in the Home. During this process, a portion of the sidewall of an existing bathtub is removed and a watertight composite insert cap is placed over the cut out.

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